Musical Theatre

I generate new musical theatre, podcast musical theatre, and producible, diverse shows. I have high concept shows and low concept, small budget shows. They can't wait to be on stage. 

Plastic Ocean

Book and Lyrics by Makena Metz

Full Length, Cast 9-20

Isabel Martinez, to the scientific community, or IZZY to her friends, if she had any, has a PHD in marine biology. She’s spent most of her 20s at Cal State Monterey Bay, and finally graduates, excited to get to work cleaning up the ocean. After Izzy fails to get a 50,000-dollar grant, she decides to man her own research vessel, putting forward a hypothesis that she can mutate a fish to eat plastic, which she hopes will get her published and win her awards.However, Izzy’s never led a team before, and it doesn’t help that she looks like a 14-year-old or has been in school most of her life. Izzy and her team of research scientists must work together, using the scientific method to journey through science fiction and into science fact. Will Izzy learn to lead and clean up the ocean? Or will her experiment fail?This musical is a call to action that we need to clean up our own oceans and become passionate about solving human made ecological problems. It’d a female driven, TYA narrative that will not only entertain, but inform. This musical is family friendly.

Full Length, Cast: 5

Book by Makena Metz 

Music and lyrics by Makena Metz & Kat Zimmerman 

T'Was A Night

n this family friendly holiday musical, when teens and siblings Veronica and Ben fight with their parents about participating in the holidays, they are taken hostage by a ghost. Together, they travel backwards, forewards, and sideways in time, to discover what the holidays really mean. Inspired by classic holidays movies like A Christmas Carol and It’s A Wonderful Life, this musical celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas, and invites you and your family to join in the season of light, no matter what you celebrate.

Magic Little Pill

Written by Makena Metz

Full Length, Cast: 4

Four factory workers that package an "instant weight loss pill" in a dystopian future grapple with body image in this full length, science fiction play.

Full Length, Cast: 2-10

Book and Lyrics by Makena Metz

Music and Lyrics by Joely Zuker

A Holiday Cycle

(A Podcast Musical)

In A Holiday Cycle, two best friends, Stephanie and Hannah must address their upcoming high school graduations, while reeling from the burning secret of their previous sexual encounter. Starting on Fourth of July and ending on Hannah’s graduation, each podcast episode reflects how that specific holiday sounds musically and incorporates the holiday into the scene. This show explores sexuality, toxic friendship, codependency, consent, and how holidays bring out the best and worst in us all.

A Family Portrait

Book, Music, and Lyrics by 

Makena Metz and Angela Parrish

A 15-Minute Musical, Cast: 4-6

In this 15-minute musical, estranged siblings Elizabeth and Todd have to come together after their parent's deaths to find the portrait they left behind. However, not everything is as it seems, and the siblings have to reconcile their feelings about their parents, their spouses, and each other.

A 15-Minute Musical, Cast: 3

Book and Lyrics by Makena Metz

Music and Lyrics by Joely Zuker


In this short (pandemic) musical, Sarah, a traditional millennial with a non-existent love life, has had a hard time finding a genuine romantic connection during the 2020 COVID pandemic. How does one date safely in a lockdown? When her two roommates offer a unique solution to this plan, Sarah must come to terms with her own identity, and embrace this “new normal.”