I shape words to create relatable stories in fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. They cannot wait to be read.  

Deeper Than Bone

Written by Makena Metz

In modern Los Angeles, 30-year-old twins and rivals Andrea and Ben are both respective experts in their fields. Andrea is an emotional, rising star orthopedic oncologist who just won a prestigious award and Ben, a logical thinker, is a respected theatre director, with a show heading to Broadway. When Andrea is set off on a downward spiral of addiction, fame, and seduction, Ben is propelled into the challenges of bringing his show to Broadway. However, when their personal lives become entangled in their professional lives, they must find a way to unravel the mess, while blaming each other for it.

Fiction, Satire, 63k Words

Dark Urban Fantasy, 73k Words

Written by Makena Metz

A Whisper of Magic:

Book One of the Cedar Point Trilogy

Best friends Rose Parker and Scarlett Moreau have been born and raised in the tiny town of Cedar Point, Washington their whole lives. After Rose’s 16-year-old brother Oliver is brutally murdered and she discovers she’s a witch, Rose gets pulled into a supernatural world hiding just under their own, while conscripting Scarlett in solving Oliver’s murder before anyone else gets hurt.