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Wrapping Up Grad School👩🏼‍🎓

It's almost May and I am heading into the last 2 weeks of my graduate degree program! I found out this week that I am the Winner of the 2023 James L. Doti Outstanding Graduate Student Award! I am extremely flattered and wowed to be ending the Dual Degree MFA Creative Writing & MA English Program on this unexpected note! 🏆🐾

Going to Chapman University has been such an amazing experience for me, from teaching two English Composition classes, to writing double thesises, to presenting research, and making such amazing writer friends. I am so extremely proud of my program cohort for fostering each other's work for the last two years and I know that these wonderful writers will continue to grow and succeed outside of school. I could not be more grateful to the teachers that have fostered my education for the last two years, and to my family for being so supportive of my writing journey. ❤️

Now, I have a poetry portfolio to finish and present, an essay to write, finals to grade, and then...🎓

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