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Marble Surface


I write fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism

for adults to teens! 

Autumn Leaves

Hospice For Gods

YA Fantasy

In Process

Abe and Lara are two teens who've been raised in the Halcyon Hollow - a hospice for Gods of old, from all and any pantheon. When a new patient is dragged through their doors and corrupts the Hollow, Abe and Lara must figure out how to save their friends before it's too late. This book is a YA fantasy and is in progress - I've drafted 17k words thus far. 


Notes of Venom & Vengeance

NA Epic Fantasy

In Process

In Fall’s End, humans run the Kingdom while Low Fae like Madrigal struggle to make ends meet. Since the death of her mother on the King’s orders, Mads has vowed to get her revenge at any cost. With rebellion finally whispering through Fall’s End, Madrigal joins up with the fae rebellion, determined to battle her way to the King. And yet a dark magic wraps its way around the city, and Madrigal must to save her found family, kill the king, discover the source of the new magic, and stop it before it’s too late. This book was my MFA thesis and I have drafted 47k words thus far.

Green Forest

A Whisper of Magic

NA Urban Fantasy 

90k Words

Best friends Rose Parker and Scarlett Moreau have been born and raised in the tiny town of Point Roberts, Washington their whole lives. After Rose’s younger brother Oliver is brutally murdered and she discovers she’s a witch, Rose gets pulled into a supernatural world hiding just under their own, while conscripting Scarlett in solving Oliver’s murder before anyone else gets hurt. I've drafted 90k+ words of this New Adult urban fantasy novel and am currently revising.

Image by Clay Banks

Deeper Than Bone

Adult Fiction, Satire

70k words

In modern, future Los Angeles, 30-year-old twins and rivals Andrea and Ben are both respective experts in their fields. Andrea is a rising star orthopedic oncologist and Ben is a respected theatre director. When Andrea is set off on a downward spiral of fame and seduction, Ben is propelled into the challenges of bringing his show to Broadway. However, when their personal lives become entangled in their professional lives, they must find a way to unravel the mess, instead of blaming each other for it. I've written 70k+ words of this satirical, adult fiction novel and am currently revising.

Image by Aron Visuals

Untitled Witch Project

YA Urban Fantasy 


A high school student must do her family proud and compete in a series of magical trials to win absolute power from the Two Faced Goddess in this YA urban fantasy novel. This WIP is currently being outlined.

Lazy Seal

Untitled Selkie Project

NA Urban Fantasy


When a young surfer meets a selkie in human form, they must find the selkie's seal skin before it's too late in this YA slice of life urban fantasy. This WIP is currently being outlined and is being co-written with the wonderful Sinclair Adams!

Marble Surface

Short Stories

Brewing Tea

The Tea Shop

Adult Urban Fantasy / Magical Realism

4500 words

Anna is a witch - one who bakes emotions into her pastries. When a new customer asks for a unique pastry, Anna must reckon with her own trauma to help them through their own.

TW: Brief Mention of Sexual Assault & Medical Trauma

This story was published with For Page and Screen, Issue 2. 

Published Fall, 2022

Check out my interview with this literary magazine!

This story was reprinted with HAVIK 2023: Cacaphony

The Las Positas College Journal of Arts and Literature

Published Spring, 2023

Red Lobster

The Discovery of Dr. Clarke

Adults Science Fiction

5000 words

In a series of letters, Dr. Arthur B. Clarke hypothesizes about an experiment that could save the future of the human race... and then becomes an unwilling participant in one himself.

Image by Kevin Mueller

The Parrot and The Pirate

YA Fantasy 

8000 words

The Swan Maidens meets The Little Mermaid in a fairy tale where a young girl is forced to live as a parrot during the day, but at night can only repeat what others have said. When a prince is taken prisoner on her ship, the girl helps him escape, and he promises to help her break her curse. 

TW: Abusive Relationships

Image by Joshua Newton

The Warlock and The Witch

YA Dark Fantasy Romance

7000 words

Beauty and the Beast meets Venom in a fairy tale where a young woman has dark, hungry magic stuck inside her and a lonely warlock helps her to break her curse.

Image by Marcelo Leal

The Flowering of Nightmares and Dreams

New short story dropping soon

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