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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Television Pilots and Features
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Marble Surface


Theo's Grand Adventure

Adult Animated Comedy, 26 pages

Co-Created with Theresa Schlei

A Millennial tabby cat is shocked when his family reveals that they’re retiring and expect him to take care of the family estate. He decides that he must become financially independent and seek his true purr-pose.

Placed in Quarter and Semi-Finals in the 2020 Screencraft Animation Competition & Placed #13 on the Coverfly Redlist in September, 2022

Kids Superhero Animated Comedy, 30 pages

A young anxious girl with cat like powers must overcome her anxiety to fight crimes against animals in her city.

The Age of Dragons
YA Animated Adventure, 34 pages

When a young dragon Prince is shipwrecked on a beautiful island, a humble dragon girl with a thrist for adventure finds him. He's carrying a formula - the antidote to the biological warfare on the mainland - one the poisonous dragon Queen desperately wants to destroy. As the Queen's soldiers race to hunt them down and stop them, the two teenagers must find a way to make the antidote and save the world.

Placed in Quarterfinals for the 2023 Filmatic Sci-Fi Fantasy Awards

Marble Surface
Marble Surface


A kids animated musicalized adventure, 36 pages

Co-Created with Angela Parrish

When a young disabled, independent computer genius girl is sucked into a video game that physicalizes negative emotions in the form of magical, monster-like creatures that attack players, she and a motley group of kids must journey through the game to beat the boss and head home.

Host Family
An adult, live action comedy, 34 pages

A rich, conservative family must broaden their finances and perspectives when they sign up to host four international high school exchange students to pay off their debt.

Honey & Thyme
An adult, live action dramady, 36 pages

A workaholic young woman moves to rural England to live stress free as a treatment for her chronic illness and meets a special group of people who help her listen to her body and stop overworking to learn what adventure, friendship, and truly living means.

Mackenzie's Musical World

A bridge animated musicalized educational adventure, 11 pages

Co-Created with Angela Parrish

A spunky girl with a prothestic arm learns about music with her pet bird and friendly anthropomorphic piano.

Marble Surface


Alba and The Underworld

A kids animated adventure, movie musical, 120 pages

Co-written with Thomas Blakeley and Devin Weitz

After a concierge to the dead finds a mortal boy's yo-yo, which causes destructive bugs to manifest in the underworld, she must venture through the underworld to return the yo-yo to the waking world to bring balance to the afterlife.

Placed in Quarter Finals in the 2020 Screencraft Competition and won a 2021 Merit Award from New Musicals Inc. for their New Voices Competition.

The Yearbook Committee
An adult, live action comedy, 119 pages
Co-written with Stephanie Elmir

When a type A, top executive finds out her adult daughter was severely bullied in middle school, she puts her upcoming project deadline on hold to band together with her crew of bad bitches to seek revenge 20 years late.

This feature placed in Quarter Finals in the 2024 Emerging Screenwriters Comedy Competition. 

A YA science fiction adventure, 99 pages

Where water is currency and sandstorms are endless, a family holds onto survival as their world wages war over controlling the dams that protect the limited water supply. When a scavenger’s younger brother is conscripted for the army, the disabled young woman journeys through the desert to find the mythical Oasis, to buy her brother back from the army before he’s sent off to war.

Marble Surface



A YA science fiction short, 12 pages

A track and field athlete with low self-worth tries a new vitamin supplement – GROW - that’s supposed to improve her life, but there's an unexpected price.

This piece was published in Volume 9 of The Clockhouse Review.

The Telescope
A kids live action fantasy adventure, 12 pages

After breaking her late father's telescope, a young girl finds help from the stars to make things right with her older brother.

A Small Kindness
Adult drama, 8 pages

After her grandfather's funeral, a young woman sees how another family handles grief.

Snow Day
A kids animated magical realism, 5 pages

Bored in class, a child imagines herself inside her doodles. But will her teacher take away her paper? 

Wave of You
Adult live action dramady, 8 pages

After a surfing accident, a young woman falls in love with the guy of her dreams. But is it too good to be true?

YA Fantasy, Magical Realism, 8 pages

After getting diagnosed with a chronic illness, a girl escapes into her fantasies to grapple with the changes in her body.

This piece was published in Issue 3 of For Page and Screen in 2023.

Pickle Jar Pickle
Co-written with Angela Parrish
Kids animated comedy, 10 pages

In the Lost City, a super hero chinchilla action figure must help her dust bunny friend open a pickle jar - before his tornado wipes out the town!

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