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The Yearbook Committee

Comedy, 110 Pages 

By Makena Metz and Stephanie Elmir 

When a type A, top executive finds out her adult daughter was severely bullied in middle school, she puts her upcoming project deadline on hold to band together with her crew of bad bitches to seek revenge 20 years late.

Adult Animation, Comedy, 26 Pages

Theo's Grand Adventure

Idea by Makena Metz & Theresa Schlei - Written by Makena Metz

In this animated adult comedy, a Millennial tabby cat is shocked when his family reveals that they’re retiring and expect him to take care of the family estate. He decides that he must become financially independent and seek his true purr-pose. With his roommates supporting him, this cool cat explores Sundrift City, working for gangsters, corporate drones, and more as he navigates adulting and tries to find his true calling.

Illustration by ____



Written by Makena Metz

Kids Action Adventure, 35 Pages

When a young disabled girl is sucked into a videogame that physicalizes mental illness in the form of demon creatures, she and a motley group of players must journey through the game to beat the Boss and head home.

Kids Fantasy Adventure, 42 Pages

The Age of Dragons

Written by Makena Metz

When a young transgender dragon boy is shipwrecked on a beautiful island, a dragon girl finds him and the formula he carries to stop the biological warfare on the mainland.


Written by Makena Metz

Kids Action Adventure, 30 Pages

A young anxious girl with cat-like powers must overcome her anxiety to fight crimes against animals in her city.