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“Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.”

- Stephen King


I'm Makena Metz

I am an LA native, a writer for the page, screen, and stage, and I believe that writing is magic.


I'm have an MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from Chapman University's dual degree program and am a proud member of DGA, ASCAP, SCBWI, WIA, CMA, and the SCL.

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Makena Metz is a writer specializing in fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism. She writes novels, poetry, plays, musicals, and scripts and songs for TV and film.

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My Portfolio

Take a look at published, written work, my works in progress, and upcoming ideas!

About Me.

As someone with multiple marginalized, intersectional identities, I love to write about weirdos, misfits, and nerds.  


My background as a California native, having a large, extended non-related family, and being a chronic illness and cancer survivor has highly shaped the stories I want to tell. Addressing how to navigate the issues of today in our ever changing world is at the forefront of my work. 

My mother once told me that though I’ve gone through a lot of medical trauma in a short amount of time, she is constantly surprised by the amount of empathy I have for others. As an Aquarius, I can attest that I identify as an empath, one who once thought I had to constantly turn off their emotions, to prevent myself from getting caught up in everyone else's. Now, I know this logic to be false. It is not through the bottling of emotions that we thrive as humans and as artists; it is through the constant pain of facing our emotions and working through them that we succeed. I am not afraid to look at anyone’s pain - mine or others, and examine why it started in the first place, and what we can do to address it, validate it, and let it go. 

To heal trauma and foster empathy in our culture, I want to write the stories of today that push the boundaries of theatricality and imagination. I want to engage my audience, make them think as well as feel, and create the next generation of not only thinkers, but doers. 




MFA in Creative Writing 

MA in English

Chapman University 

I attended Chapman University's Dual Degree Program - MFA Creative Writing &  MA English. I maintained a 4.0 GPA while working as a Graduate Student Instructor, an assistant to the MFA program, and a Writing Center Tutor. I wrote and defended two thesis projects, and I won the 2023 James L. Doti Outstanding Graduate Student Award. I learned from notable teachers such as James Blaylock, Anna Leahy, and Mildred Lewis. 


BFA in Theatre Direction

Minor in Playwriting
Columbia College Chicago

I attended Columbia College Chicago's BFA in Theatre Direction Program and Minored in Playwriting. I maintained a 3.5 GPA while directing a show a year and assisting in other forms (stage management, dramaturgy, etc.) on other productions. I rehearsed and saw my thesis project performed. I learned from working industry professionals in the Chicago theatre scene, such as Mickle Maher, Tom Mula, and Andi Dymond.

Additional Classes through: The Dramatists Guild Institute, New Musicals Inc., The Musical Writers Institute, ESPA Primary Stages, Chicago Dramatists, and The Second City

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