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Makena Metz is an LA native, INFJ aquarius, and cancer survivor, who manages her chronic/invisible illness, aplastic anemia, on a daily basis. These illnesses have tremendously informed who she is and what she writes about - stories about, and for, marginalized groups of people, whose stories otherwise would not be told. She tells these stories through the lens of worldbuilding - playing in science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism to translate the issues of today through metaphor. Makena studied Playwriting & Theatre Directing at Columbia College Chicago (class of 17’) and is a proud member of DGA & ASCAP.  Makena mentors through Writegirl and Maestra and is an active member of Women in Animation (WIA).


This past year, Makena wrote her debut novel Deeper Than Bone and won NaNoWriMo for her second novel A Whisper of Magic. She was excited for her short play Death Bites to be presented in The Lincoln Center’s Virtual ADA30 Celebration and she was also selected for the Institute for American Musical Theatre’s inaugural IAMT CREATORS Certificate Program in Musical Theatre Writing. Additionally, her pilot Theo’s Grand Adventure (Semifinals) and her feature script Alba and The Underworld (Quarterfinals) were selected as part of the 2020 ScreenCraft Animation Competition.


In the past two years, Makena’s full length TYA fantasy play Blurrred: A Modern Fairy Tale was chosen for the SE Texas Festival of New Plays and her essay Epic Storytelling in Musical Theatre was published in Musical Theater Today Magazine, Volume 3. Makena was chosen as an Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights 2018 Diversity Fellow and attended The Kennedy Center’s 2018 Playwriting Intensive for their annual workshop.


Makena is a graduate of New Musicals Inc. CORE Curriculum for Musical Theatre Writing and has interned and worked for The Jim Henson Company, Walt Disney Imagineering, and the kid's animated television show Curious George. Follow her on twitter or instagram @MakenaMetz and find her work on New Play Exchange (NPX)! 


Makena Metz

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Makena Metz is an LA native who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and magical realism for the page, screen, and stage. She has written novels, musicals, film scripts, and more. Makena edits and teaches in addition to writing. She loves epic storytelling that embraces theatricality, current issues, and marginalized characters.




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After a living boy steals his father's spirit to the Waking World, a concierge to the dead must venture through the underworld to return the boy’s yo-yo and bring balance to the afterlife.


Full length Animated 

Movie-Musical 2020

Full Length Novel

Fiction, Satire, 63k Words

In modern Los Angeles, 30-year-old twins and rivals Andrea and Ben are both respective experts in their fields. Andrea is an emotional, rising star orthopedic oncologist who just won a prestigious award and Ben, a logical thinker, is a respected theatre director, with a show heading to Broadway...

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Makena Metz writes for the page, stage, and screen. She is a playwright, a novelist, a librettist and lyricist, and a television and screenwriter. 

In Makena's body of work, she writes about the political, social, economic, and environmental issues of today. Her work focuses on themes of found families, identity, and self-acceptance. She loves using magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction in worlds as a way to introduce metaphor into her stories. Metaphors supplement the plot and underlying themes; she builds the tone of the world as much as the characters and storytelling. Makena believes in diverse, modern protagonists, but also loves a good anti-hero. She tells stories that activate imagination, practice diversity and inclusivity, and are about the current issues we face in our world. 

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