Movie Musicals

I build worlds in my movie musicals because music is a huge part of creating an ecosystem - through tone, image, and sound. Come check them out.

Alba & The Underworld

Full Length

Book and Lyrics by Thomas Blakeley & Makena Metz

Music and Lyrics by Devin Weitz


After a living boy steals his father's spirit to the Waking World, a concierge to the dead must venture through the underworld to return the boy’s yo-yo and bring balance to the afterlife.

Illustration by Theresa Schlei 

A 15-Minute Musical, Cast: 2-4

Book by Hannah C. Langley 

Music and Lyrics by Makena Metz & Angela Parrish 

Heavy Heart

Ida, a Los Angeles-based burlesque performer, must choose between heart valve replacement surgery and advancement in the burlesque world — losing her partner, and potentially, her life in the process.

Illustration by Bridget Mundy


Slightly Composed

A 15-Minute Musical, Cast: 4-8

Book, Music, and Lyrics by

Melissa Axel, Jeffery Hoepner, & Makena Metz

Slightly Composed.jpg

Olivia, a struggling post grad composer who suffers from chronic panic attacks, clashes with a music producer to rewrite and revise her jingle for a cat food commercial.