Plays & Short Plays

 I design plays for the live stage. I love making TYA theatre and playing with genres in different spaces. These shows will light up an audience. Come see them for yourself.

Falling Apart While Learning to Cook 

(A Recipe for Empty Nest Syndrome) 

Written by Makena Metz

100 pages, Cast: 4-6

When Susan's last daughter Alison moves to London for college, Susan faces an empty nest midlife crisis and decides to enroll in culinary school.

90 Pages, Cast: 7-12

Written by Makena Metz


In our future, water is the new oil and countries across the world have engaged in a war over it. In a small American town, one family must pay their water tax, or have 14-year old Maxwell conscripted. His older sister Susan must venture into the endless desert to find water and bring it back, before Max's time runs out.

Blurrred: A Modern Fairy Tale

Written by Makena Metz

75 pages, Cast: 5-13

Nearby a magical forest, Red Riding Hood fights with her younger sister Blue about selling muffins to wolves. After Red’s wolf related PTSD explodes, Blue storms off into the woods. Realizing her sister is in danger, Red conscripts her Grandma, and a passing through Witch, to go in search of Blue before she’s thrown to the wolves. However, not all is as it seems and Red’s prejudices are exposed as they journey deeper into the forest.

100 pages, Cast: 15-30

Pirate's Weekend:

Three Nights in a Harbor

Written by Makena Metz

Three sisters go to Catalina Island for an island getaway, not expecting it to be hosting a Pirate's Weekend event! After disguising herself as a man to get into a contest, Jessica tumbles through trials and tribulations to become Pirate King in this farcical comedy of errors.

Fiction for Animals

Written by Makena Metz

Length TBD, Cast: TBD 

In a magical, interdimensional library outside of time and literature, three animals from children’s fantasy novels, a Dog, a Lion, and a Rabbit, discuss the seminal novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in their weekly book club. However, their lively discussion keeps being interrupted by a mysterious narrator – one who keeps trying to change the narrative of their opinions. This fantasy full length explores the themes in The Wizard of Oz, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Alice in Wonderland, and the lives of the animal protagonists in them. The animals dialogue will reflect the voices of their individual authors, and their opinions about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest will be tied to the main themes of their own books. Eventually, the narrator will be unmasked to be Ken Kesey himself, who brings Dorothy, Lucy, and Alice to the party. Ultimately, this play is about controlling your own destiny, reckoning with your identity, and multiple types of family structures. An ode to literature and anthropomorphic creatures, this theatrical play asks, if animals are acting like humans and humans are acting like animals, then what does it mean to be human? 

A 10-Minute Play, 10 Pages, Cast: 2

Death Bites

Written by Makena Metz

In this 10-minute play, young disease survivor AMY must decide whether dying is worth living, or if living is worth un-dying when a vampire named DRACULA appears to offer her a painless death or eternal life.