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Short Screenplay Published!

TW: Medical Trauma, Medical Procedures

I am so happy to announce that my short screenplay "Eclipse" was published with For Page and Screen, Issue 3 "After"! 😍🙏🏻✨

This piece is a magical realism, semi-autobiographical short about my college diagnosis of aplastic anemia 💉🩸💊

This disease affects 2 in 1 million people by turning off your bone marrow - which produces essential things like blood cells, platelets, white cells, and hemaglobin blood 🩸

This screenplay is based off the experience I had getting treatment for my bone marrow with 5 days of steriods in the hospital 🏥 (the other option was a bone marrow transplant but my platelets weren't low enough for that... to put it into context I was at 8/150k platelets when I was diagnosed)

So, why write this story? I wrote it because of an opportunity to submit to a comic anthology themed around "hair" - and I thought an interesting angle for that theme would be about how the side effect of my steriod treatment affected my hair growth! Did I get into that anthology? No I did not 🤷‍♀️

However, that just goes to show you that one lit mag's trash is another's treasure! 🤩💎✨

Thank you For Page and Screen for highlighting my work again (you can read my other published story The Tea Shop in Issue 2) and for supporting artists in different forms and mediums! 🥳❤️

Read "Eclipse" here! 🌚🌝 and thank you for supporting my writing! ✍️



February 15th, 2023

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